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Benefits for you as an affiliate

  • 50% commission per sale 
  • ​Large selection of tested and thoroughly optimized advertising media 
  • ​Improved affiliate attribution thorugh Digistore24 promopixels

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how the partner program works

All you need to do is spread your referral link far and wide. The following types of referral links are available:



The promolink leads to our sales page and works by placing a cookie in the browser of the person who clicks on the link.

A promolink looks like this:



The content link leads to our opt-in page and works by placing a cookie in the browser of the person who clicks on the link.

A content link looks like this:


link with get parameters

This link leads to our sales page. However, unlike the promolink, it can be used for advanced affiliate attributions.

Such a link looks like this:

Replace "AFFILIATE" with your own Digistore24 ID if the vendor has not already done this for you.
"CAMPAIGNKEY" can be attached to the promolink and allows you to track your campaigns.

multi-device affiliate attribution possible

With multi-device affiliate attribution, you ensure you don't lose your commission if your customers change device or browser before making a purchase. This is the rule rather than the exception in times of ever-increasing use of second and third devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

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our advertising media

We offer you a large selection of thoroughly tested and sales-boosting advertising media - available in all formats and in high-end quality.


Social media materials

Small texts and images that are perfect for advertising on social media. All images are created by our design team for you to use. 


images and banners

Images and banners that will attract everyone's attention. All materials are created by our design team for you to use in promotion.


text for blogs & emails

Longer texts that you can use for blog posts or email campaigns and offer your readers real added value. Custom materials available upon request.

got questions?

Send us an email. Our dedicated support team will respond within 2 business days.

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